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Add Data Shredding / Wiping Capability to Securely Erase the Temp Files

A feature that could be added is the ability to "shred" or "wipe" the files after they are deleted. Basically, shredding a file just means writing data patterns over the drive sectors that the deleted files used to occupy. For instance, writing all zeros, then all ones, then random data, then specific patterned data, etc. When you've completed those steps, it's nearly impossible for anyone to recover any of the original data. Of course, you should also let the user choose the level of shredding...the average user might just want the data erased with an all zeros 1-pass, since that would be the fastest option, while certain corporate users might insist on a 3- or 7-pass DOD algorithm. At any rate, it is not difficult to enable file shredding, especially at the level that a normal user would find useful.

I believe this would add a lot of value to your program, and would make it stand out from the competition.

Chas, 02.11.2011, 07:44
Idea status: under consideration


1-abc, 02.11.2011, 08:50
Thank you for this idea.

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The biggest problem I see is that wiping is very time consuming, especially if you just removed some 1,000 files from your system. Anyway, maybe it would make send to add a wiping feature to 1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer too, maybe only overwriting with '0' and advanced users can still take 1-abc.net File Washer.
Chas, 02.11.2011, 10:45
Yes, I think you're correct that adding only zero wiping to Hard Drive Washer would be a good way to go. That would fill the needs of most users while still keeping the program fast, and users that needed more advanced techniques can move up to File Washer.

I would recommend that you make the option to wipe the files or not something that the user can decide for themselves...something along the lines of "Do you want the fastest speed or do you want security with less speed?" Perhaps you could even give them an estimate of how long each method would take to complete.

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