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Update UI, add shrink option

I would like to suggest that the authors also include the newer type of "buttons" that are so prevalent in todays' windows' programs. Also, all of my hard drives are 1TB or larger (14+ in all) - and to "search them" might take quite a long period of time - I noticed there was no "shrink" option beside the "x" for closing the window - I do not have an "exact" quantifiable usage of RAM or other resources while "open" - but letting it operate similar to a lot of other background-working apps might be another idea. Last, the couple of bumps in the road to getting the program registered aside, the company & a few of it's employees were VERY swift in offering assistance in my problems - WELL DONE!!

Thomas Roberts , 02.11.2011, 20:14
Idea status: under consideration


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